There are a few things that I have learned from being neighbors with the Salazar family. First, they are vampires. I am sure of it. I believe it has been about 5 years since we first met, and they have not aged at all. How else would they look so young and vibrant all the time? Either vampires, or Peruvians age one year for every 10 American years. This is quite possible also, considering Mrs. Casas brought her aunt along to the session, and she looked like she could be her sister! Another thing I have learned is, if your children ever act out of line, you just need speak a few words in Spanish to them, and they turn into perfect angels. We don’t know how to speak Spanish yet (other than Hola, fiesta, si, and Bien. Yes, I know, pretty smart!) but we are going to learn, because every time Sara’s kids became distracted, she speaks a few words of spanish…. Tada.. Angels!
All jokes aside, we LOVE the Salazar-Casas family and sure do miss having them for neighbors! Hopefully the next photos we take of them won’t be during the next trip we take to PA but from their trip to TN to visit us!

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Let the blogs begin from our trip to PA! We decided to start with a sunrise session with Nicole. To be quite honest, it was hard to take a less than perfect photo of her. She has an amazing attitude, a beautiful face, and not to mention, a cut and muscular bod. We could not have had a better session to start our day, now off to hit the gym so I can arm wrestle Nicole next time we come to PA.

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There are two things that I (Kayla) do solo, Boudoir, and now Birth Photography. I have seen some amazing Birth Photographers out there and I always wondered what it would be like to have this as one of our services. Just a couple weeks ago I met Stacey, I took a couple maternity photos of her, and asked her if I could tag along for the birth. A few days later her and her husband told me that they would love if I captured the birth of their fourth child. Thrilled to try something new, I showed up to her induction wearing all smiles. I took a ton of photos, I mean I just couldn’t stop! He is so perfect!
Hope ya’ll like the small video we made; not only is it the first birth I photographed, but the first video!!

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Welcome to our first blog post! As we dive into the world of blogging, we thought it would be perfect to start with Miss Lainee. She was one of the most well behaved and talented children we have had to this day. She blew us away with her Tyra Banks skills! Miss L. is obviously stunning, a tomboy one minute and a pageant queen the next. We are thinking it might be a good idea for everyone to lock up your sons!

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