There are a few things that I have learned from being neighbors with the Salazar family. First, they are vampires. I am sure of it. I believe it has been about 5 years since we first met, and they have not aged at all. How else would they look so young and vibrant all the time? Either vampires, or Peruvians age one year for every 10 American years. This is quite possible also, considering Mrs. Casas brought her aunt along to the session, and she looked like she could be her sister! Another thing I have learned is, if your children ever act out of line, you just need speak a few words in Spanish to them, and they turn into perfect angels. We don’t know how to speak Spanish yet (other than Hola, fiesta, si, and Bien. Yes, I know, pretty smart!) but we are going to learn, because every time Sara’s kids became distracted, she speaks a few words of spanish…. Tada.. Angels!
All jokes aside, we LOVE the Salazar-Casas family and sure do miss having them for neighbors! Hopefully the next photos we take of them won’t be during the next trip we take to PA but from their trip to TN to visit us!

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